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Bindu’s blog: Technology and why you should get on it
By Bindu Nair Maitra on 19-Aug-10, 18:57 in Digital |

Thursday morning begins with a case for punctuality and probability. What’s the chance that everytime you call for a taxi in Cannes (not too many times, I assure you) it will arrive on time, except for the time when you have a key appointment early in the morning and it won’t? One in ten times. And it happens to me on Thursday.

There’s a Mediabrands press conference I rush to, afterwards. They’ve announced a JV in India with Interactive Avenues and the new entity will be called Reprise Media. I chat with Shashi Sinha about the implications for Lodestar Univeral’s services in India and with Interactive Avenues’ Anjali Hegde, who is going to lead the JV, on their forthcoming plans. Reprise Media has signed on Birla Sun Life’s financial services division as a client and its CMO Ajay Kakar is at hand to talk about the reasons behind their interest. More on that elsewhere on the site.

Afterwards I chat with Philips Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, on the festival this year and ask him what he believes have been the defining trends of the week so far. He reminds me with the patience of a Cannes veteran that the week isn’t over yet. Right. Hadn’t noticed. He does concede however that for anyone who has been following the work this year, the impact of technology has been centrestage and says it’s only likely to get bigger. He refers to the Nike Livestrong Foundation campaign Chalkbot which won the Cyber Grand Prix, along with Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory and involved a traveling truck, Twitter and Tour de France, along with a lot of technology that enabled all the three above mentioned things to create a Grand Prix winning idea. Check out the details here.

Considering Mark Zuckerberg would rather that you called Facebook a technology company, and not a media one, there’s probably some interesting trends we haven’t yet begun to appreciate enough.

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